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The Inner Gaze in Artistic Practice

Documentation 1: Photo - Notes about The Self 


Writing in my mother-tounge Farsi in order to get an alternative perspective on my thoughts.    


Trying to figure out who I am and who/what is observing that which I am. Is there something observing that which is observing?

Documentation 2: Photo - Sketching the inner & the outer senses


Documentation 3: Photo - A chart over my life identifying major


 Mirroring my physical senses with the internal equivalents of them.

Exploring eye-sight vs. visualization, 

hearing with the ears vs. hearing imaginative sounds, tasting with my taste-buds vs. imagining a taste like e.g. 

the taste of a lemon and feeling a texture of an object vs. feeling a sensation like loneliness. 


Mirroring physical activity vs. thinking/imagination/dreaming.

Documentation 4: Photo - A sketch trying to figure out the function of the inner gaze

inner gaze 1.jpg

1. Light hit my eyes, transforms to signals to bran.

2. Brain translating signals to quail in phenomenal consciousness defining a color

3.Reflective consciousness evaluating the color

4. Inner glaze witnessing the process

Documentation 5: SAFOURA Replay Episode 2

Documantion 6: VIDEO - Behind the scenes

Documantion 7: VIDEO - SAFOURA & RANA singing RAMESH

Documantion 8: VIDEO - SAFOURA Eldfesten 2021

Documentation 9: Audio - Nils-Petter Ankarblom


Nils-Petter Ankarblom  


”I would say I use my inner vision or my inner gaze anytime I have to have a full understanding of what’s needed from me s a music making person.”  

Interview 1Nils-Petter Ankarblom
00:00 / 10:24

Documentation 10: Audio - Negar Zarassi


Negar Zarassi  

Opera singer/Actress 

”It’s not always very clear to me what kind of picture it is but I know it’s different from what I see in front of my eye.”

Interview 2Negar Zarassi
00:00 / 16:09

Documentation 11: Audio - Adam Gardelin


Adam Gardelin



”I would more describe my inner gaze as something I hear.”

Interview 3Adam Gardelin
00:00 / 11:02

Documentation 12: Audio - Johanna Ställberg


Johanna Ställberg

TV Producer/Filmmaker/Film Director/Artist


”…that would be the part of me 

that I’m maybe not showing anyone else.”

Interview 4Johanna Ställberg
00:00 / 07:54

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