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The Inner Gaze in Artistic Practice


How come I can see, even when I close my eyes? 

What exactly is this ”double vision” I so often experience in my artistic practice? To what extent do artists use an inner seeing when creating and performing art? How relatable is the idea of an ”inner gaze”?


Musician/Artist/Sound-Designer Safoura Safavi has been studying the phenomenon of altered states of consciousness in artistic practice.


In the Master’s Program in Performing Arts at SKH, she has been mirroring her own artistic practice in the teachings of hypnosis, the science of consciousness and the collected data gathered from interviews with people from different artistic fields. 

We all carry our inner worlds which seem to be vividly experienced through our emotions and our minds. How aware are we of these inner universes?

Do we take them for granted?

The qualitative experiences we as artists express through our art activate multidimensional qualitative experiences in the receivers. The more aware we are of these mental and emotional processes, the more quality, meaning and value we can bring to our everyday lives.

By defining the inner gaze as a second witnessing system, it might become easier for us to talk about how we are experiencing and using our different inner creative processes.


Maybe the idea of an inner gaze in artistic practice can bring more awareness and focus to the intentional parts of our practices and help us communicate and express our art in more powerful and inspiring ways.



Experience sound as an entity - is a workshop designed for stage-art practitioners in order to bring more awareness to the role of sound on stage and in storytelling.


The workshop is suitable for 2-12 people and can be conducted as a short 2hour introduction to the concept of Sound as an Entity, or a complete full day experience. 


For more info or to book a workshop: AudioEntity

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